“Growing Together” and Building Your Business by Speaking On Other People's Platforms- Judith Quin.

If you run a business on your own, or with a small team, how can you grow your client base? You know your business is good, but you know that it could grow. One of the best ways to do this is in collaboration with others, and one of the simplest ways is to speak.

Now, if you’re freaking out at the thought of speaking – that’s a whole other blog or ten, but stay with me here.

Referrals from clients one at a time are great, but referrals en-masse are a damn-sight better. So how do you get yourself in front of a new audience? You find someone who has a group of people who need your product, or service, and find a way to get in front of them.

“But how do I do that?” you might ask.

The simple answer?



The question you really want to ask is; “Who do I know who has an audience I could serve with what I offer?”

As a business that offers solutions in the conscious wellbeing space, you are at an advantage, because it is one in which most people are aware of the benefits of community and collaboration. Start looking for people, businesses, or organisations who either have a similar audience, but offer a different process, to you and/or who need the solutions that you offer.

When you get in front of their audience, offering value, ideas, new or complimentary approaches, magic can happen. Your speaking from someone else’s ‘stage’ benefits the person you’re collaborating with, by expanding the knowledge and learning of their clients, members, or team. It benefits you by getting your message out there to the wider world.

One of the biggest challenges of working in the conscious wellbeing space is that some of our services can appear intangible, or esoteric, in the written word (ie on your website) – people aren’t really sure what you offer, or what the outcomes of working with you will be. When you have the opportunity to speak about what you do, you have the opportunity to share the energy of who you are, the chance to answer questions the audience may have (which they probably wouldn’t bother to email), and the chance to build trust, grow your reputation, and create connections.


How do you go about getting these collaborations?

Firstly, know what you have to offer – how does what you do, or how would you speaking on their platform, benefit the person you’re collaborating with? Do you have a big following you can bring to them, is your service or product truly unique, how does what you do complement or benefit their audience?

Then think about the businesses, organisations, and business people you know. Who do you know that runs a pod-cast/you-tube channel/local radio show/active FB group, or the like? What organisations are you or your friends and family a member of, or affiliated to, that have regular meetings, or like to run sample sessions? (You are doing them a big favour by filling their slots) What companies do you know that have a health and wellbeing initiative and look for people to run breakfast talks, or lunch-and-learns?

Alternatively – are YOU that person?? Are you taking responsibility for creating all your own content on your weekly Facebook live, or You-Tube video? Who would complement what you do, offer great value to your existing network, and take some of the pressure off your shoulders, who you could invite to speak on YOUR platform?

Make a list, then get phoning, emailing, messaging – get ASKING, keep asking.

It’s time to grow together.


Guest Blog by Judith Quin

Vocal Confidence Specialist, Sound Healer & Public Speaking Coach. Find out more about Judith on myTOM.


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