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Sound Circle Meditation

So, we all know I am a big fan of Judith Quin, who has been a guest blogger on TOM Talks and along with being my friend, she has also helped me immensely in connecting my voice with my vision for The Oneness Movement.

Judith is an incredible woman, an author, an actress, a public speaker and public speaking coach, a vocal confidence specialist, and a Sound Healer – and I went along to Covent Garden to check out Voice-Vibration Sound Healing at her Sound Circle Meditation class.




Sound is an ancient form of connection to self and community. The healing power of sound comes largely from the energetic shift, emotional release and change of mindset state.



I caught up with Judith before the class, where she explained to me sound waves travel through matter. This includes the water, bones and muscles of our bodies. The vibration they make help to release trapped emotions stored in our muscle memory. More so, when you use voice, especially your own voice, the healing effect is more powerful. This is because your body connects more with human sound, particularly your own sound.

Check out my interview with Judith.


So, what happens at a Sound Circle Meditation?

I must admit, I was nervous thinking that I would have to sing in front of a bunch of strangers. But if like me, you think sounding is about singing, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Judith starts the class by asking us to relax comfortably in a seated or lying position, however we feel most comfortable. Then, she eases us into the session with a guided meditation and breathing exercises. These help connect our breath to body, and our breath and body to our voice. I start to feel my way into my own vocal expression with these exercises. I found it helped me let go of my self-consciousness about making noises in front of others.

Following this, Judith guides us through vocal sounding of the chakras. I found this particularly beautiful as even though many of us, including myself, were not on key, there was no right note we had to hit. It was just a beautiful, vocal expression sounded out through words of Ho and He and Ha.

As I gave myself over to my vocal expression. I was picturing each chakra opening as I let the sounds come freely from me. I deepened into the meditation and felt the strains and stresses melt away.


And then the free sounding began!

I am sure to those listening from outside of the room, they must have though pre-schoolers were chasing a waling banshee through the zoo. We allowed any expression of sound that our bodies wanted to share, come forth and be felt and heard. From the high pitched to the low, from the moaning to squeals, from opera to staccato, and yes, the occasional animal noise – we had it all.

Through out all of this, Judith holds the space beautifully for us to allow us to explore vibrational frequencies which our bodies want to express for our own healing. With permission, Judith also used her own voice to ‘sound into my body’ and release energy blockages. Get a sense of the sounding she did to my body with this video.






As the room naturally tapers down to a quite hum, Judith returns us to a focus on a breathing. The room is calm, yet I have an incredible sense of energy and clarity, like my entire body is alive, vibrating still as the sound waves continue their journey though my body.

I feel liberated, I feel cleansed, and I feel wholly connected with myself – something that only comes when you are connected with Your Whole Voice.




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