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The Quiet Space of You

Where are the quiet spaces?

TOM Talks Guest Blogger, Lourdes-anne Requena


We live in a world today that's changing very fast and where everything is very busy and often very loud. Would you agree? What happened to quiet spaces?

I used to go to a library for that here in the U.K., but that's all changed now. Even the space in our own heads is often different these days, at least for me it is. With so much to think about and go over, it can be challenging to find that quiet time to just 'be', to feel empty.

Moving meditations

Calling all women over the age of 40, who would love to create more of what they love. To live a life by their own design and not other people's! In Tai Chi & Qigong we practice just that, learning to be empty, to be quiet, still. But not how you would imagine we do, like sitting or lying down in meditation. These art forms are a moving meditation.

What do I mean by this? Well, in practising the movements and forms, you slow down your breathing. You become more present in the moment, your mind quiet and therefore meditative. Your energy changes. You release what you don't need and let go of stagnant and negative energy and fill yourself up with new and good energy. You learn to relax and move the whole body, rather than put pressure on anyone muscle group or on individual joints.

This is one reason why these art forms are great for arthritis and other joint problems, as well as being good for balancing your blood pressure, for flexibility and weight distribution, balance, stress relief and so much more. Time for the quiet self!


Taking care of all parts of you

TOM disciplines - Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi and Qigong increase and clean your energy, regulate your breathing and improve the health of your internal organs. Equally important is Transformational Coaching. With a quiet mind, coaching helps you to look inside yourself and realise what you do to sabotage yourself and what you'd love. Working with your body and looking into your mind, you really take care of all parts of you.

Ever felt like every time you go for something you want something awful happens to stop it? Maybe someone else gets it instead of you, or you're delayed and arrive late? You become sick or someone else does and therefore you feel you have to go to them, instead of following through on what you want and love? By knowing what it is that YOU do personally, or in business, to prevent yourself from having all that you want, is a great gift.

It's not about fixing or waiting until all of that is sorted out and you don't do it anymore. No, it's about being quiet, being aware, so that you can stop and make another choice and go for your heart's desire anyway.


Why am I mentioning both of these interventions here?

Because, your body and mind are connected and when one is over worked or overwhelmed, the other one needs attention. You need to move your whole system. To find your centre, your heart and to be able to listen to the energy of your heart, you need stillness and quiet. This you can achieve by learning either/or both, Tai Chi & Qigong and by having a good coach. A good coach is one who can hold the space for you, no matter what is going on, to give you the time and space, to look into your heart.


What's more important to you?

Living a life that others and society deem acceptable and appropriate? A life that ultimately makes other people happy, so that you fit in with them?

Or, is it more important for you to find your own heart and start listening to what it's trying to tell you? To unearth your dreams, your desires and create them? How many more birthdays and Christmases have to come and go BEFORE you live the life that you would love?


Lourdes-anne RequenaGuest Blogger: Lourdes-anne Requena

Lou is a Speaker, a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor and a Transformational coach. Her approach is very intuitive, looking at each person specifically to really focus on their individual needs and requirements.

She has worked in many areas and industries and with people of all ages and backgrounds. This includes people with Mental Health, Epilepsy, Downs Syndrome, Parkinson's and Autism.

Lou is an incredibly patient and supportive practitioner and her clients have included the frail, the elderly, young people, families at risk, people with breathing problems and heart problems and many more.

Connect with Lou on Facebook or LinkedIn or via her website.



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