Does Your Service Have a Theme?

Does Your Service Have a Theme?

Are you going around in circles, wondering why your services just aren't landing with Clients? Well, it may sound like a strange question, but have you defined a theme?

Having a core theme is the basis for creating an awesome service and it is essential to know what this is before defining the other key aspects.


What's a theme?

Theme is the key subject which your offering is about. It is the main concept that recurs in or pervades throughout the Service you are delivering. It does not matter how complex or far out your idea is for the service, it needs to be conveyed simply.

Your theme expresses very clearly and concisely what your Service offering is about.

All too often, we make the mistake of trying to impart all the knowledge we have, to demonstrate our value. But what happens instead, is we bamboozle our clients and leave them overwhelmed, confused and less likely to retain anything we have shared.


Why have one?

A clear and simple theme is especially important when you are creating a service for your clients. Your theme will provide your clients with a key concept that they can explore and understand fully.

As a practitioner, you will be far more effective in delivering value if you are addressing a single theme per service that you offer. And when your clients are engaged, your service will leave them with a lasting impression, which can lead to repeat business and word of mouth referrals!

This is not about oversimplification of your knowledge, but rather separating your key ideas in to separate services, so each one fully delivers its own purpose.

If you think of trial lawyers, politicians and even advertisers, they will focus on one key message, or critical point, to ensure their audiences fully understand. You may remember the OJ Simpson trial with Johnnie Cochran’s “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”. Or Trump’s key campaign theme to "build a wall". Whether or not we agree, it does leave a lasting impression!


Put Energy into Service Creation!

Your theme has its own unique vibration and this will provide you with a generative force which can guide you in creating a powerful service. Your theme will also anchor you as you go through defining all aspects of the service from the audience, format, content, to the materials and logistics of delivery.

Creating your theme should always be your starting point and you should spend time really connecting to the essence of what you want to deliver. Get it right and you will delight your clients every time and really deliver what they need. Get it wrong and you may find your service just doesn't resonate with your clients and may leave them disappointed.


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