Featuring Judith Quin of Your Whole Voice

Featuring Judith Quin

Holistify are super excited to be interviewing one of our favourite holistic practitioners, Judith Quin of Your Whole Voice. She has an amazing energy and presence, and she gives incredible hugs!

Get to know more about this beautiful women and the incredible way she serves her client so powerfully!




Hey Judith, can you introduce yourself to us?

20191023 JudithI’m a heavy metal rock chick, F1 loving, meat eating, crystal using, barefoot-on-the-lawn, naked swimming, nature–loving, multi-award-winning, voice-vibration sound healer, vocal confidence specialist and coach, international public speaker, author of ‘Stop Should-ing. Start Wanting.’, co-author of two Amazon #1 international bestselling books, creator of the Sound Your Voice oracle card deck, and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe

I live in SE London, am a classically trained professional actress and will one day perform with the RSC, I love good red wine and dark chocolate, chocolate cake is heaven (or that could be New Zealand) I will never drink Prosseco if Champagne is an option. 

I hate flip-flops, sliders and crocs because I love actual shoes, and most of the time I have the internet turned off on my phone. I also have a black cat called Kali.


Tell us about the Disciplines you practice?

I combine Voice-Vibration Sound Healing (which incorporates Chakra energy healing) with my Life-Coaching qualification and experience, professional acting, energy healing and intuitive skills to really work with how a person’s voice impacts their whole being.  I also used to be a Massage therapist, so if a client needs a bit of body work to release physical tensions that can come in to it too. 

An holistic practice really needs to look at how a person’s whole life impacts their whole being – and your voice is no different. 

The challenges people experience with their voice are so varied, from energetic or emotional blocks to growth in life or business, difficulty with public speaking or avoiding sharing your voice in other ways – like asking for what you want or need, saying ‘No’, or not being able to speak about yourself or what you do with confidence and pride …  I could go on.  I won’t! 



What it comes down to is that your voice is the key,

not just in being seen and heard, but in

finding, expressing, and living, your passion and purpose. 



Your ability to express yourself, is impacted not just by what you want to say, but by everything you have been through in life, everything you believe about yourself and others, and everything you could be. 


Can you take us through your journey to becoming a Practitioner?

I’ve always been a natural healer, coach, and communicator.  I used to give my mum and friends massages, I would ‘know’ things would happen, spoke to ‘the wall’ (my spirit guides) and made up weird noises and languages in the playground and when out on my bike or horses (light language). 

I was always also all about finding, valuing, and extracting the truth, which is what my work tends to be for my clients. 

All I ever wanted to do was act (finding the truth in other’s words and characters) and I followed that vocation – to help support that career in 2005 I eventually trained as a massage therapist and set up my own business, to which I added Earth-light Reiki and then in 2011 discovered and started using the power of voice-vibration sound healing and finally added coaching in 2015.  

I was working with all of these elements and setting up my coaching business when in 2016 I hit a massive low of overwhelm and thoughts of not wanting to be here in this life any more.  It was then that I let go of acting for the time being, and focused on the work that not only actually values me, but which also changes and saves lives.


What do you love most about serving clients?

The life-changing realisations my clients have, which can be the smallest of shifts in self-awareness or the most dramatic of releases.  


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Can you tell us more about your brand and values?

Your Whole Voice came about as it’s not about me it’s about YOU – the client, that it’s your WHOLE voice – not just the things you say, but what you believe and feel and stand for in the whole of who you are and how it impacts the whole of your life (the inner voice as much as the spoken/written voice) and of course – everything I do from sound healing to public speaking coaching is about the VOICE, the ability to express yourself.

My values are:

  • Leadership – with passion and purpose. Including taking leadership of your own life.
  • Connection – through communication.
  • Growth – personal and professional.

Under all of this sits TRUTH – speaking your truth, having a higher truth to connect to, knowing your deepest truth that you live by, and the magic of discovering your truest and often hidden truth – that is your biggest lesson for personal growth.


Can you tell us what challenges you have faced professionally?

The most challenging thing has been finding ways of describing what I do so that other people understand both what it is and the value of it.  A part of this was creating the products and services that are affordable introductions to the work and on the other end of the scale I was challenged at first by knowing that my upper end products are worth what I charge…

But when you’ve had a client confirm an £80,000 contract as a direct result of a conversation you created together and his investment was only £1,300 for a day with you – or have a client change their lives completely and finally found happiness after a retreat  – I know I’m worth what I charge.

Oh and the joys of marketing! Running your own business you are mostly a marketer and it’s not my forte!


What or who inspires and motives you?

It’s hokey to say it but my clients – they are my biggest inspiration and keep me going when I’m feeling like it’s not worth the hassle, the messages I get saying that I’ve changed lives or even a way of looking at something.  I’m motivated by making that difference… and applause always goes down well!


What is a good article or book you have read recently?

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell – it’s fiction – it’s brilliant.  If you want something self-helpy… I will always recommend Jonathon Livingston Seagull – it’s about being the best version of YOU, knowing that you need to make changes to be that , and accepting that not everyone will understand or like you – but it’s worth it.



Connect with Judith

If Judith has resonated with you and you are ready to find your higher truth and connect your whole voice to expressing and living your passion and purpose, then get in touch with her!


You can find Judith on all of these channels:


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