The Nature of Oneness

One of my daily practices and preferred way of experiencing Oneness is connecting in Nature. This isn’t the only way, of course, and I do other things too, but this for me is particularly special and I find it helps clients as well.


I experience a very real sense of Oneness when I’m in or with Nature. This might be during a walk in the woods, wandering in a park or simply sitting and observing a flower in the garden. It needn’t be on a grand scale, and if I think ‘I don’t have time’ that’s certainly a sign that my resistance is making excuses and a cue to refocus.


The health benefits that being in nature can bring are becoming more widely known and so any amount of time spent outdoors is clearly a positive thing. But as Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote in his book of the same title, ‘Wherever you go there you are’.


Unless we’re conscious or mindfully present we can all too easily find ourselves walking through nature yet still in our heads, lost in thought and blind to what’s around us, perpetuating our sense of separation rather than cultivating a sense of Oneness.


So what I’m talking about is going a little deeper and experiencing a true sense of Oneness and connection. No longer held captive by thoughts and feelings but captivated by nature and her natural wonders.


When my attention is held, even for a moment, by the beauty of a delicate flower, the wonder of a striking sunset or even a visit from my cute, friendly wood pigeon this has the power to transport me beyond my every day thinking and experience and connect me with the joy and the magic of life. During such moments, I can lose sense of time, my mind settles, body relaxes and the boundaries between me and the natural world begin to fade. I’m no longer an observer walking through nature but instead, part of the whole and One with all.


Birdie n Me


And in this space of expansive awareness I find lightness and freedom, a sense of love, peace and joy and even surprising gifts of magic and wisdom.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is a practice not just a walk, and I draw upon a range of techniques.

Here’s one you might like to practice yourself; enjoy!
  • Set an intention to observe and experience oneness in nature.
  • Take some time to be in nature... maybe a garden, a park or somewhere more wild.
  • Leave your devices, distractions and to do lists behind.
  • As you sit, or walk, take a few deep comfortable breaths.
  • Bring your attention to the breath, flowing in, flowing out and allow the mind to settle.
  • Take a look around and imagine seeing the world as if for the first time.
  • Become aware of sights, sounds, smells, sensations.
  • Now look a little deeper. Notice the interconnectedness of things.
  • Become aware of the boundary between you and the environment...where do you end and where does nature begin?
  • Imagine this boundary melting or fading away.
  • Take your time. Be open and curious. There’s no right way. .
  • What do you notice? What becomes obvious? What insights arise?


Denise is an intuitive transformation coach, mentor and teacher. She also leads guided experiential events and retreats in nature.  

If you’d love to create more natural Oneness, learn how coaching can help, or would like more information about her unique nature events, visit 

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