myTOM Platform Update

We love our community feedback!

Thanks to you we have rolled out lots of improvements and adjustments to the beta version of myTOM.

We are still creating guides and FAQs for some of these so please feel free to email us for any help or ...

Isik Tlabar - Talking with TOM

TOM breathes it all in with Isik Tlabar

I met with Isik at her beautiful apartment in Finchley, eager to learn all about breathwork. Isik is a transformational coach and breathwork facilitator and I was there to interview her and experience her ...

You are killing your business

Journey of a Conscious Entrepreneur

A business mentor once said to me, that as the CEO, the only thing that will kill your business will be you. I believed her because, as a somewhat conscious entrepreneur, I know that my actions and attitude ...

Re:Mind Me Why I Love Conscious Wellbeing?

Mind Matters Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending a Mind Matters workshop at The Curtain and hosted by Shivraj Bassi, Founder and CEO of Innermost. It incorporated some of my favourite disciplines, Nutrition, Mindfulness and Sound Healing!

“Growing Together” and Building Your Business by Speaking On Other People's Platforms- Judith Quin.

If you run a business on your own, or with a small team, how can you grow your client base? You know your business is good, but you know that it could grow. One of the best ways to do this is in collaboration with others, and one of the simplest ...

Nikolina Balenovic Knez Talking with TOM

Amazing Energy with Nikolina

If you want a little sparkle, then check out TOM's interview with Nikolina. We had so much fun talking to this intuitive soul coach from Croatia. She is warm, light-hearted, and magical being with beautiful and ...

The spectacular growth of the Wellness Industry: an incredible global opportunity

As we approach the third decade of the twenty-first century, we are in the midst of a powerful global shift in our perception of wellness and what it means to live well.

Bathe Away Your Stress in a Sound Bath

Living in London, life can sometimes be a little stressful, to say the least. But sometimes, there are wonderful discoveries that renew your love for the capital and your sense of tranquility. In the bustle and chaos of Paddington, I took a ...

Dr Gill Barham - Talking with TOM

Dr Gill Barham talks Vitality with TOM

Meeting Gill and reading her book, "The Heart of a Woman" has been life changing for me. I am definitely one of those people guilty of burning the candle at both ends, and in the middle at the same time.

UK Government recognises the growing role of the Complementary Health Industry

There are welcome signs of a softening in attitude from UK Government towards the complementary health industry and recognition of its potential as a contributor to the wellness of the nation. As conventional healthcare in the UK faces ...