What do you know?

What do you know?

Have you been using this down time to improve your skills?

During this month, we have been sharing a range of content to support you in your business. Be empowered in your holistic and conscious wellbeing business by using this isolation period to be able to better serve your clients and save yourself time.

The TOM Resource Pool is an ever-growing repository of wonderful tools, links, discounts and information. Let us help you take away the stress and make running your business a breeze, so you can focus on serving your clients. Best of all – it's completely free! 

This month, we've added some great resources to support your learning and giving your business a professional lift into the digital world.


Did you miss?

Discipline Booklet Landing Page

Impress your Clients with new treatments!

Use this 90 page guide to explore holistic and conscious wellbeing disciplines and techniques that you could incorporate into your services. Learn more ways to help clients, treat a wider range of concerns, increase your offering and boost your revenue from new services sales!


CertificationCertified for trust

Registering or becoming accredited with a Professional Body helps to build trust with your clients. Knowing you hold a qualification or have undergone specific training reassures potential clients when they select who to work with. Use this list to find a multi-discipline or discipline-specific professional body and start you certification now.


Digital Skills

Use technology to be more effective!

In the digital age, its important to be tech savvy and have good digital skills when running any business. Use this technology guide to impress your clients with timely and engaging communications, manage your business effectively, save yourself time and give your holistic business a professional lift into the digital world.


Virtual SkillsDeliver your Services virtually!

Virtual services can add a whole new dimension to your business, helping you connect with clients around the globe. Use this virtual meeting guide to learn how you can share your knowledge and services through a new channel, and use it to create another source of income for your holistic and conscious wellbeing business.



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