What does Oneness really mean to our Community?


After the recent competition and giveaway, my mind was really opened up to how different, yet extraordinarily connected we all are.

We asked our community what does ONENESS mean to them? And we had many amazing answers that followed. 

What was striking was how different the answers were, but how they were similar in essence.


The core theme of nearly every answer was about connection; whether it is a connection to self, to truth or to surroundings. What also stands out is that participants perceive Oneness as a state of Peace and Happiness.


Our most favourite comment, and therefore the competition winner, was from Kelly, who said:

“Oneness to me means being happy with myself, my body, my company. Being able to accept all parts of myself and my surroundings and be at peace with it; being able to see past the fragmented lens of the mind and what we are told to believe.”


We love this answer and we love the energy and thought Kelly put into sharing this with us. It resonates deeply with our vision of bringing Oneness to everyday lives, by inspiring the global community to embrace Conscious Wellbeing.

We want to encourage and support everyone to be happy and at peace on their personal journey, by creating a community where we embrace connection and acceptance.


We have another giveaway coming up this week, and another opportunity to deeply connect together.

Your thoughts are always welcome, and we’d love to hear from you.

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