Why the Holistic Approach?

Why the Holistic Approach?

With many people on their own personal journey to a happier, healthier and more connected sense of Self, I thought I would share why the Holistic approach is important to me.

So, let us start with the concept of Holism. It states that nothing can be fully understood unless one sees the whole system of which it is part; that is the whole is always more than the sum of its parts.

When applied to our health our wellbeing, we can consider it as a whole-person approach, aiming to create resilience, prevent disease, encourage wellbeing, promote longevity and guide us in fulfilling our higher purpose.

In this way, Holism considers many aspects of the individual, such as:

  • Physical: The health of our body, its systems and functions
  • Mental: Our engagement with the world through creativity and cognition
  • Emotional: Our awareness, acceptance and expression of our feelings
  • Spiritual: Our intuition, divine connection and true nature and purpose
  • Social: Connecting and interacting with and contributing to our communities
  • Environmental: Our connection to the natural world


Get Integrated

If you become more familiar with holistic disciplines and health systems, you will see they use an integrated approach. This means they assess health and balance of the individual as a whole, by considering the different aspects above, all together. They aim to look beyond symptoms of illness to find the root cause.

While it is true that when ill health strikes us, the conventional medical response of making a diagnosis and a prescribing treatment can be lifesaving on its own. Sadly  however, this is rarely enough.

What is often overlooked is the uniqueness of the individual and the contexts of their life. This is where the deeper meanings are found. By labelling the suffering and then applying the fixed remedy for it, we risk misunderstanding, and may focus on the wrong problem, which can lead to further or perpetuating dis-ease.


Wellness, not just Illness

I also find that the convention medical system, and sometimes our culture in general, have a higher degree of focus on illness, rather than the full spectrum of health.

The wellness end of this "health scale" is often ignored, or only considered in some isolated parts, rather than from an integrated view. For example, we may focus on physical fitness to improve our overall physical health, but forget about what we eat, our sleep, stress levels, and the pollution of the city in which we live.

The full spectrum of health, and integrated approach to health and wellbeing is what I am passionate about. To me, it is not just about dealing with illness end, but also maintaining and improving on the fitness end of the scale – in all areas, emotional, mental, spiritual and so forth. 


A True Step Change

When we as humans embrace this whole-health, holistic approach, I know there will be a step-change in society like nothing before!

Of course, it will mean greater disease prevention and a higher standard of general health in our societies. And while the economic benefits of this, to ourselves, our current health care systems and society in general, should not be downplayed, the benefits are far greater still.  

When we communicate from emotional intelligence, when we focus on collaboration in our communities, when we respect our planet, when we strive to see the divine in ourselves and in each other, when we use our intuition and create in line with our own true purpose, then, then we will start to create a world for the better.

A true holistic approach goes beyond physical and mental health, it is seeing the universe and everything in it, including ourselves, as connected, as One.

Seeing ourselves as part of the greater whole, and the greater whole as part of us, means that what we contribute through our whole existence in every aspect, matters. It is our responsibility to create our whole world and ourselves for the better.


Explore Holistic Disciplines to find out more about the Holistic Approach.


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